The untold horrors of Communism

Let’s go back to the year 1933. Something world-shaking happened in Germany in that particular year, but for now, we will focus a little towards the east — towards the Ukraine Soviet. That particular year saw the death of around 6 million Ukrainians in fricking peacetime. This happened because of a man-made catastrophe. Because of a famine.

Imagine in the year 1932, that you are a well-to-do farmer in Communist Russia. And by well-to-do I mean you have a brick house and you don’t sleep on the floor. You have some cattle and a little extra money to hire labour. Pretty well-to-do. You are locally known as a ‘kulak’. Russian Kulaks were the major producers of grain in the country, and they were despised by the marginal farmers who had nothing. Communist intellectuals rolled down into the countryside in their big-boy cars and told these marginal farmers that it was because of the Kulaks, that their condition was horrible. The marginal farmers were told by the intellectuals that the Kulaks had robbed them of their privilege to lead a good life.

These small farmers were already spiteful of their current condition. And when you give a spiteful person someone to blame, they erupt with anger. It doesn't matter if there’s a reason behind what they're doing. They are furious, and they have found someone to blame. And you can probably guess what happens when you give hateful people a chance to act.

The Kulaks were gathered up and deported to Siberia. Their stocks were looted, and their land was snatched for the use of “collective” farming. As a result, the foodgrain produce was drastically reduced, there was nothing to eat, people starved to death, some even came to the level of cannibalism. This famine took a life toll of around 6 million Ukrainians. This famine is called Holodomor, translated into English as “to kill by starvation”. Since 2006, the Holodomor has been recognized by Ukraine and 15 other countries as a genocide of the Ukrainian people carried out by the Soviet government.

Photo by Moises Gonzalez on Unsplash

We all know that capitalism sucks. We get bombarded with articles and blogs explaining to us that capitalists don’t make their billions, they “steal” it from the poor. But we never really get told about the sheer brutality of communist societies. You just read how 6 million innocents died in peacetime for apparently no reason. And there’s a fat chance you did not know about it.

Marxist thinking is very dangerous, and it resides in the roots of our societies.

Marxist thinking appeals to raw human nature. Marxism gives a person a sense of moral righteousness. Marxism gives you a feeling of ethical correctness. With Marxism, one can pinpoint societies’ problems onto a small number of people, and use it to justify their actions against those “criminals”.
One can very easily play the blame game with Marxist thinking. And that is what makes it so very attractive and dangerous. Like any other utopia.

Utopias are like butterflies. Beautiful to admire yet deadly to eat.

Communism also leads to a concentration of power, which I’m pretty sure you all are aware of, turned out pretty bad. It gave power to maniacal leaders like Mao and Stalin, and they “developed” their country using the common person as a stepping stone. We can see an unintended side-effect of Marxist ideology here, which is censorship. Marxist thinkers tend to hide things they don’t like or things that are against their “ideals”.

Around 40–60 million people died in Stalin’s Russia, and about 60–100 million people died in Mao’s China. Not because of a war. Because of oppression. Because of internal repression. Our history books crackdown on Hitler quite well, but we never get properly informed of what Communists were up to. We never get told about the horrors of communist societies.

The reason for that, I believe is the prevalence of Marxist thinking in our institutions. Somewhere we all appreciate what Marx’s ideas were. We all love that moral dopamine we get from blaming problems. But what Marx wanted was a utopia. And we all know how that turned out.

Arsh Mathur
December 2021




a social science enthusiast and an internet addict. i’m that nerd who corrects spelling mistakes in every group chat.

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Arsh Mathur

Arsh Mathur

a social science enthusiast and an internet addict. i’m that nerd who corrects spelling mistakes in every group chat.

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