The Ultimate Solution To India’s Major Problems

Arsh Mathur
4 min readJun 21, 2021


As we all know, India faces some major economic and political issues which restrains India from developing socially and economically. I have observed these problems and have come up with a very obvious and well-known solution. But let’s analyze the problem first.

India suffers from underemployment — meaning a major part of the Indian working force is being less productive than they actually could be. Being less productive decreases the total income and the total work they could potentially do. The agricultural sector of India suffers hugely from underemployment, as approx. 44% of the Indian population, that is 44% of 1.36 billion or approximately 590 million people earn their income through agriculture, whereas the contribution of the agricultural is pretty low compared to the industries and services sector.

The conventional solution to this problem would be trying to create more employment in the industries and service sectors. But in trying to create more employment, we bring upon us another disastrous problem — and that is climate change. Creating of employment cannot be done without exploiting natural resources and establishing factories, office complexes etc. which would eventually end up in major climate change which is already taking place.

In a climate change of the levels we will be facing, every single natural disaster will be amplified — mega-floods, mega-famines, mega-landslides and mega-avalanches. To counter climate change, we will need to be very careful with using up our natural resources and be really sustainable in developing ourselves. Huh. But if we put such contradictions on the usage of natural resources how are we going to give employment to an exponentially expanding population?

These are just two major problems which I have highlighted, there are tons more — both internal and external. What is the solution to this?

Now here comes the solution which I was talking about — think on this - “Exponentially Expanding Population”

India has the one of the fastest growing population charts in the entire world — reasons of which are neglect by the Indian government, illiteracy, no awareness about birth control majorly in rural areas, and no awareness about the ill effects of such a big population. Increase is population not only increases the mouths to feed, it also puts pressure on the government to create jobs, provide proper housing and sanitation, education etc. to the under-privileged, which unfortunately, the Indian government has not been too successful in.

The time has come, actually the time had come before, but I believe in better late than never, so yeah the time has finally come for the Indian Government to give up neglect and create laws. Mind you, “laws”, we need actual firm laws. Not propaganda or rules or constitutional duties or any bullshit like that. We need actual state-imposed, parliament-approved, punishable by the judiciary, LAWS. I don’t care how unfair it might sound or feel, but unless we find a way to turn the population graph downwards, all our problems are going to get bigger and crush us under.

Let’s take Covid as an example. One of the reasons India suffered so much loss from this virus was because the we had too many people in which the virus can propagate and mutate in. The reason rural India has so many different diseases epidemics, which wreak havoc on the common people of India, is because of this big burden of a population. I’m aware of the fact that a huge population can be an asses if used properly, but only 40% of the Indian population come under that working category. Which means 60% of the population is dependent on the the rest of the 40% — either children or old people.

India will soon overtake China and become the most populated country in a few years. Stopping that would be next to impossible and to be honest, we cannot, because the exponents have become so huge. Our only hope is that we are going to make some laws which promote birth control and somehow tip the graph over.

We just don’t want the graph to tip over, we need the graph to tip over.

If we are able to get our population under control, we can provide employment without damaging the nature and hence avoiding major climatic change. If we can’t, then well, I can’t tell the future, but I can assure you, it is not going to look well.

Arsh Mathur
June 2021



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