The rise of Dream

This is the story of how a Florida man became the biggest YouTuber of the biggest game ever created. Minecraft. Dream. Probably rings a bell if you don't live under a stone. How did Dream, along with his friends, conquer the vast arena of Minecraft content?

Dream’s channel icon
  1. The PewDiePie Minecraft Boom.
    In summer 2019, PewDiePie started a brand new Minecraft series, possibly to gain a lead in the PewDiePie/T-series subscriber race going on at that time. After watching PewDiePie’s content, people desired more content like his and went searching for new and emerging creators.

Even with the existence of old and great Minecraft creators like Technoblade, Ph1lza, Quackity, people went for Dream. Why was that?

Thumbnail of Pewdiepie’s video

2. Creativity
One thing Dream had, which others did not, was his creativity. He and his friends, now known as the Dream Team, created the goofiest and the weirdest videos that would keep you on the edge of your seat and hooked up. These videos kick-started Dream’s career as a content creator, which was helped by the PewDiePie boom.

His most famous Minecraft series, Minecraft Manhunt, has become the biggest video game series ever. New stuff in every video with intense PvP battles and ingenious tricks and traps have made the series so successful.

- A side note for Minecraft Manhunt
Manhunt is possibly the biggest and most viewed video game series ever created. The basic concept of it is that 1 speedrunner (Dream) tries to finish the game, while his friends, who are known as the “hunters”, do everything in their power to stop him. This series is the most edge-of-the-seat biting-your-nails thing ever.

3. The Dream SMP
An SMP is a Survival Multiplayer server in which you can play with your friends, with occasional fighting and griefing. The last thing you expect in an SMP is politics. But politics it was, and people loved it.

It all began with the entry of WilburSoot into the server. Let’s call him the “the father of the DreamSMP lore”. Wilbur was a story writer, a taleteller. After a couple of days after joining the server, he decided the create a new nation and declare freedom from the greater DreamSMP.

Thus began the lore that defines the Dream SMP now. I could go on about the lore of the DreamSMP, but that’s a story for another day.

The Dream SMP has seen some of the biggest creators participating in the lore, including TommyInnit, Technoblade, Tubbo etc. All these massive creators have played an important role in shaping and giving form to the Dream SMP lore. The SMP has also seen the cameos of star-creators such as KSI, Vikkstar, Pokimane, Ninja among others.

4. The 100,000$ 1v1.
On Aug 29, 2020, MrBeast uploaded a video titled “$100,000 Dream vs Technoblade Duel!” in which 2 of the world’s best players battled for 100k dollars, winner takes it all (Technically they split the money, but whatever).
This video helped in boosting both the creator's popularity. Techno won, but it was a close fight and assisted them both in their careers.

That’s the story of Dream until now. Let’s hope for more content from him in the future!



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