The Art of Creating Content.

Ever wondered how the multi-millionaire creators reached the top? Or maybe you want to start a journey of content creation yourself. Over the years, I have analysed and studied the rise and fall of multiple content creators in various fields, and here’s what I found.

There are broadly two types of content. Skill-based and personality-based. These words are pretty self-explanatory but let me plunge into the details for you.

Skill-based content is the one where you get your traffic audience based on your skills, duh. Juggling 5 balls at a time, doing awesome parkour or beating a video game in under 5 minutes, you are going to get traffic based on your skills. The graph of this type of content goes something like this :

(From the book ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear)

As you can see, skill-based content provides you with an audience that is slow in the beginning but starts to grow quite quickly after a period of painful tedium. What is not portrayed in the graph is that skill-based content grows way quicker than its counterpart. The reason for that is the way the internet algorithm works. Almost all websites’ algorithms push and support skill-based content. The million-dollar question here is how sustainable is this content?

A lot of modern-day creators started as skill-based creators themselves but switched to creating personality-based content. The reason for that is the unsustainability of skill-based content. After a golden era of high traffic, this content loses its novelty. A creator’s audience count starts to plateau. Then they are forced to either learn a new skill or change the type of content they create.

While this type of content is great for making quick money and getting fame for a short period of time, there is a different form of content, the one where careers are made.

Personality based content is about developing and sustaining a bond with your audience. Being successful in this content isn't easy and many have tried and achieved nothing. But the results of being successful here are gorgeous. A dedicated fanbase and sponsor attraction are just some of the benefits. The graph of this content would be more of a linear form.

Creating this type of content is slow, painful and tedious work. But the results are very fruitful. All great creators fall into this category, for example, the 100 million guy, Pewdiepie (totally intended rhyme).

The bottom line is, create skill-based content to show off your talent or make a quick buck, but if you are serious about making a career out of this, personality-based content is the way to go.

Arsh Mathur
March ‘22




a social science enthusiast and an internet addict. i’m that nerd who corrects spelling mistakes in every group chat.

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Arsh Mathur

Arsh Mathur

a social science enthusiast and an internet addict. i’m that nerd who corrects spelling mistakes in every group chat.

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