Arsh Mathur

Drifting blissfully into the infinite vastness,
cherishing the daylight and greeting the stars,
I keep a watch on the Earth down below,
from the mighty mountains to the field full of flowers

I gaze down in wonder at the puny little humans,
their puny little world both wonderful and horrific
I see one human standing up for the other,
helping the helpless and treating the sick

I see war and destruction, death and misery
bombs filled with hate and the gunfire loud,
I am honestly amazed by the human’s ability to care,
and believe me, it isn’t easy to amaze a cloud

January 2022

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when sweet melancholy passes over me,
I take a journey through the deepest realms of nihilism
I delve into the mystery of the answered question,

darkness engulfs, light recedes
yet still wandering through the beauty of the unknown
and the might of the limitless

and then I wake up, tears dried out
coming back to what is real,
I gawk at my stupidity and ask myself
“why not?”

Arsh Mathur

Arsh Mathur

a social science enthusiast and an internet addict. i’m that nerd who corrects spelling mistakes in every group chat.